First Isotope Second Isotope
Isotopomer Frequency/10M Mass   Isotopomer Frequency/10M Mass Isoptomer Frequency/10M Mass
15N       15N15N     33S17O    
Negative Ion Data?
33S       34S     18O    
FALSE 13C       33S15N     33SD    
17O       37Cl     13C13C    
D       81Br     13C17O    
          33S33S     17O17O    
        13C15N     13CD    
Protonated Mass   15N17O     17OD    
        13C33S     DD    
Isotope Ratio     15ND          
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2) Meija et. al. "Atomic weights of the elements 2013 " Pure and Applied Chemistry Vol 88 No 3 pp 265-292, March 2016.